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Baptist colleagues go platinum

About a year ago, Baptist Memorial Health Care began offering colleagues the HumanaVitality employee wellness program, and a number of employees used it to help improve their health. Several colleagues became so involved with the program they reached platinum status, the highest level a participant can achieve. Their commitment to HumanaVitality not only improved their health, it also earned them points they could use to get everything from clothing and movie tickets to iPads and hotel stays. During the next few weeks, these colleagues will share how HumanaVitality helped them become healthier and why other Baptist colleagues should consider joining the program.

Donna Simpson
Counselor, CONCERN Employee Assistance Program

What made you want to start using HumanaVitality?

I, along with my husband, John, have always been advocates of healthy living. The challenge to improve our health was intriguing. I was glad Baptist offered the program; it was and continues to be the incentive we need to lead a more healthful lifestyle and set an example for family and friends.

What do you like about it?

I like that it is simple to use. At CONCERN, our director, Paula Wilkinson, purchased the FitBit Tracker for all the staff. It connects to the HumanaVitality website. Together, they record and capture my progress. The site offers lots of suggestions, resources and is easy to navigate. I particularly like that I can use my Vitality Bucks to make purchases in the Vitality Mall!

Have you noticed any results (weight lost, improved vitals, etc.) since you started using HumanaVitality?

Yes! When I started in June 2013, I had struggled with high cholesterol for a couple of years. I have decreased my total cholesterol number by 50 points! HumanaVitality encouraged me to go the extra mile. I have also been able to maintain my weight, lose several inches and am eating a lot better! Also, my stress level has decreased.

Have you bought anything from the Vitality Mall? If so, what?

Just recently I purchased the FitBit One, an upgrade from the Tracker. I have also purchased Macy’s and Amazon gift cards as well.

Why should other colleagues use HumanaVitality?

I feel other colleagues should use HumanaVitality because we all are in the health care field. We should be setting the example for others in being healthy! If our community is striving to fight obesity, diabetes, or teaching others to manage stress, then we should be the role models! I want to encourage other colleagues to get moving and find an exercise you enjoy to improve your health.

Anything else you want to share about your efforts to improve your health?

This experience has not been easy, and it takes effort and planning for it to be successful. I feel we should use every available resource to improve our health and not wait for a diagnosis of hypertension, diabetes, or high cholesterol before we make any changes. Make the changes NOW! I want to be fit to live a good quality of life as I age.

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