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The Baptist Leader is Moving Online!
The Baptist Leader is Moving Online!

The Baptist Leader is moving online!

The Baptist Leader, your biweekly publication for the latest Baptist news, events and highlights for colleagues is going green! The publication is now offered online at, and colleagues can visit the site for the latest system and entity news, with photos and the ability to share content on social media.

Baptist colleagues can now access the Baptist Leader website anytime, even from the comfort of their homes. In January 2014, the publication will be offered exclusively online.

The Baptist system web marketing team created the site and worked with colleagues in internal communications to feature news and the latest information.

“We really wanted to give colleagues another avenue to view the latest news at Baptist,” said Kimmie McNeil Vaulx, system director for Corporate Communications. “Accessing the Baptist Leader online will give us an opportunity to provide more content for our colleagues, and we won’t be limited to a certain amount of pages. Colleagues will be able to share their stories with family and friends, and the website will even allow users to view news that is most important to them by entity or category.”

The website gives users the ability to log in and comment on stories as well as submit story ideas.
“We’re excited to have increased interactivity with our users by reading their thoughts and comments on the stories. We will also be able to track the most popular articles so we can offer those types of articles more often. We also can’t ignore the importance of our environmental impact and saving paper and costs by transitioning our publication online,” said Vaulx.

The classified ads, one of the most popular sections of the Baptist Leader, will also now be offered on the website. Colleagues will be able to electronically submit ads and an administrator of the site will approve ads daily.

“Our colleagues love the classified ads, and they love to advertise items with other colleagues in the Baptist family. Offering this online will create a more efficient process where users can see the most up-to-date ads each day. This is yet another exciting benefit to moving the publication exclusively online,” said Vaulx.

Visit the new Baptist Leader website at Browse your favorite topics and stories and log in to tell us your thoughts!

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  1. I’m sure someone has already pointed this out, but the Baptist Leader used to be called the Greensheet because it was printed on green paper. Now it is going green in a new way!

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