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Electronic Checks – What You Need To Know

As more and more of today’s purchases are done online or over the phone, it has become increasingly important for us as the consumer to know our account information. When giving your account number over the phone, a common mistake is not listing each digit individually, especially when a number is repeated several times. Example: Actual Account Number: 800000012345, when read over the phone as eight six zeros one two three, it comes through as: 86000012345. When this happens, the payment cannot be processed at your bank or credit union; it gets returned. This generally results with you having late fees and finance charges from your creditor. Another common mistake that is made is not having the person repeat the information back to you. Verify that they took your information correctly. At HealthNet we do everything we can to verify the account number and member information and resolve the issue if at all possible before returning an item. Ultimately, it’s up to you, the consumer, to make sure your information is correct when making an electronic payment.

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