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Rest and Relax App
Rest and Relax App

Minor Med patients can now rest and relax at home with new app

The Baptist Minor Medical Centers now offer a free smartphone app for patients to pre-register for a visit from home–shortening wait time at the clinics and allowing the patient to be more comfortable.

Baptist Minor Medical Clinics are the only urgent care clinics in the area with this service, offering another avenue to give patients the best experience possible.

“We want to make the registration process as seamless as possible for patients at our Minor Medical Centers. We know that when people don’t feel well, or have sick children, they will be more comfortable resting and relaxing at home instead of in the waiting room,” said Nancy Averwater, administrator and CEO of Baptist Trinity and Baptist Minor Medical Centers.

The Baptist Minor Medical Rest & Relax at Home app can be downloaded by Apple users and allows patients to pre-register by keying in their name and phone number. The information is sent to the clinic, and a customer service coordinator will return the call within 10 minutes to obtain additional information by phone. Upon arrival to the clinic, the patient confirms the accuracy of the information, signs consent forms and at that point, the exam room should be ready.

Baptist’s Information Systems team designed the app and worked with the corporate communications team and Minor Med staff to make sure all operational procedures were in place.

To download, search the app store for “Baptist Minor Medical Centers.” Patients without iPhones can call one of the clinics and request to pre-register as part of the Rest & Relax at Home program.

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