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Faith Evans Ruch, a labor and delivery nurse at Baptist Women’s Hospital, recently released a country-folk CD.

Baptist Women’s Hospital nurse releases country-folk CD

Faith Evans Ruch is a labor and delivery nurse by day and a singer/songwriter at night. She loves nursing, especially working in labor and delivery at Baptist Memorial Hospital for Women. But music has become her passion. And this surprises her.

“I didn’t think in 2010 when I finished nursing school that I’d be working part time as a nurse and full time as a musician,” said Ruch. “I’m pretty excited … [it] feels kind of surreal.”

A self-taught musician with no formal singing or guitar training, 23-year-old Ruch started playing the guitar in May 2011 and wrote her first song two months later. That song, “Your Soul,” is on her debut CD, “1835 Madison.” The CD, which was released on Sept. 21, 2013, was named for Neil’s Music Room, where Ruch began her music career. Prior to singing at Neil’s—which was destroyed in a fire in August 2011—Ruch had never explored her voice or sung in front of a crowd.

“I’d sing for my parents in the car and things like that,” said Ruch. “It’s easy to sing with someone else because you’re singing along with them, but I didn’t really know what I sounded like singing on my own until I started writing.”

Ruch’s friends were amazed by her voice, which encouraged her to continue singing, writing and playing the guitar.

“It’s kind of like a diary because music is so therapeutic,” said Ruch.

Ruch shares her heartache and breakups on a number of songs on the CD, which also includes a cover of “Down to the River to Pray,” a traditional southern gospel song famously sang by Alison Krauss.

Memphians can hear Ruch perform at various locations throughout the city, and they can pick up her self-financed CD at Goner Records or Shangri-La Records. Her music can be downloaded from iTunes, Spotify, Google Play,, Bandcamp and

Ruch is excited about her future in music and is enjoying every minute she gets to spend pursuing her passions. She’s not sure where her musical journey will take her, but she’s up for the ride.

“I love nursing, but this is my dream,” said Ruch.

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