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Select Health Alliance names new chief medical officer

Baptist Memorial Health Care has named Dr. Henry Sullivant, president and managing partner at the Ruch Clinic, as the first chief medical officer for Select Health Alliance. Dr. Sullivant will lead the physician-led clinical integration project, whose mission is to establish a better care delivery model that will then go to the marketplace as a collaborative effort between a physician group and a hospital. Dr. Sullivant has practiced as an obstetrician and gynecologist since 1983.

“The ultimate goal is to improve the quality of care, minimize redundancies of care, eliminate waste in health care delivery and reduce health care costs,” said Dr. Sullivant. “It’s a perfect marriage of physicians and hospitals delivering a better quality product to the community. As a physician, I want to know what my colleagues are doing and who is providing the best care that is of the highest quality and the most cost effective.”

Select Health Alliance is a partnership between Baptist Memorial Health Care and more than 800 physicians in the Mid-South, including both independent community physicians and the Baptist Medical Group. The group began two and a half years ago in an effort to share data to coordinate and produce higher quality care for patients in the future.

“This initiative is also going to provide us with a health care delivery model for looking at future payment models like pay-for-performance and bundled payments,” said Dr. Sullivant, who believes the end result will be streamlined, cost-effective, timely care that enhances patient satisfaction.

Dr. Sullivant’s is a past president of Baptist Memorial Hospital for Women’s medical staff, chairman of Baptist’s OB/GYN department, head of the hospital’s metro medical executive committee and chair of quality improvement.

Select Health Alliance physicians will be the only physicians in network for colleagues who choose to enroll in the 80/20 Aetna Whole Health Plan or the Consumer Driven Health Plan. For a complete list of Select Health Alliance physicians, go to and click on “Provider Search” at the top. Choose Select Health Alliance in the box at the top of the form. Click “Submit Query” to see the entire list of Select Health Alliance physicians, or narrow your search by filling in a doctor’s name, location or specialty. If you search by doctor name, please pay attention to the Plan, (top left) and make sure it says SHA.

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